Contemporary Works In Translation (OOMPH 2018)

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ϔ – tree, fossil
you will be fed
at length, further on
in the time of life, by the fruit
of a prehistoric apple tree. in a future April, you will rise up
with your spine spurred
by new sap,
you will remember the sweetness of the tree that would not die and resprouted and reblossomed, every time
you cut it. you will turn
back, stretch out your hand, the lovely hand that so sweetly caressed
the open branches of the apple tree
and you will eat. then I will come back into your mouth gently as light. and again,
in the white heat of our summer time, you will eat
the apple you fished
out of the depths of time, the fruit red and swollen
as an artery, running
from my life to your life,
but far away, underneath, where reason doesn’t reach,
in the unstoppable places. forget
the tree. turn off your thoughts, waft me away. let there remain only life for your life,



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