Tempo: Excursions in 21st Century Italian Poetry (Parthian 2021)

Tempo: Excursions in 21st Century Italian Poetry

Luca Paci (editor)

Poetry / Anthology / Translation

ISBN: 978-1-913640-56-9

£10 TBC

  • To be launched at the Italian Film Festival Cardiff in November 2021 (TBC)
  • This collection with parallel texts in Italian and English gives the English-reading audience a sense of the great variety of the present poetic scene in Italy with a selection of twenty-one of the most representative contemporary poets. 
  • The editor Luca Paci lives in Penarth, Wales.



Contemporary Italian poetry is a varied landscape mostly uncharted for the reader in the Anglo-American world. The writing offers an extraordinary array of styles, voices, approaches, ways of looking at the world and ways of representing it. This anthology tries to capture the multiplicity of these voices with its selection of the most representative poets from different backgrounds: academics, working-class writers, editors, journalists, performers, travellers and professional translators. Each voice has its unique accent, poetics, style and topic. The reader will discover a diverse poetry dealing with a number of topical concerns such as identity, sex, politics, migration and race.

The poets who appear are:

Antonella Anedda, Franco Buffoni, Dome Bulfaro, Maria Grazia Calandrone, Lidia Candiani, Milo De Angelis, Matteo Fantuzzi, Fabio Franzin, Marco Giovenale, Mariangela Gualtieri, Andrea Inglese, Rosaria Lo Russo, Valerio Magrelli, Guido Mazzoni, Umberto Piersanti, Laura Pugno, Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, Ida Travi, Luigi Trucillo, Patrizia Valduga, Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto and Lello Voce.

Editor Bio:

Luca Paci was born in Novara, north Italy in 1970. He studied Philosophy at Pavia University and on the Erasmus programme in Paris, where he gained a First-Class degree. He moved to Glasgow in 1997 where he learned English whilst working as a kitchen porter. After taking up a PhD scholarship in Italian Studies, he moved to Swansea in 1999 and in 2004 obtained a doctorate on the intellectual history of Benedetto Croce.

Paci is currently the Co-Director of the Italian Cultural Centre Wales, the Italian Film Festival Cardiff and part of the executive board of Wales Pen Cymru. For the past five years he has been teaching Italian Studies at Swansea and Cardiff University. Paci is a translingual poet, editor and translator into English, Welsh and Italian. He has published a number of essays, articles and poems in English and Italian. Among his translations are La Ragazza Carla/A Girl Named Carla by Elio Pagliarani (Troubadour 2006) and Bondo by Menna Elfyn (Ludo 2021).

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